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Description of Britannica Launchpacks

The Ultimate Teacher's Assistant. Help every student succeed. Yes, every. Britannica LaunchPacks, available for social studies and science, make it easier for teachers to differentiate instruction and for students to understand core Pre-K-12 topics. • Build critical skills while teaching subject-area content in science and social studies. • Personalized resources at your fingertips. LaunchPacks’ flexibility provides pre-packaged content that is differentiated for unique levels, both in article reading levels and in the types of multimedia content available. • Align instruction to fundamental skills development. Enable student-led inquiry, active reading, and subject-based literacy with organized content sets aligned to the K-12 science and social studies curriculum. • Save planning time and make students’ learning more productive. Find diverse, trusted resources - articles, images, videos, websites, and primary source documents - curated by educators and experts, ideal for lessons, activities, and projects

Additional Information About Britannica Launchpacks

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